Have you ever thought about how much time is spent in your business on bookkeeping?
On average, small business owners spend 10 hours per month on bookkeeping. This is 120 hours a year – equating to 15 full working days! Furthermore, businesses can save up to 40% of their current accountancy costs through outsourcing bookkeeping.

Although there are many software types out there, we are constantly impressed with what Xero has to offer its customers and all the different integrations that work alongside it. We recognise the fact that Xero is not a one-size-fits-all solution so we work with our clients to customise Xero to best suit their needs. We work with our clients to achieve their perfect bookkeeping software.

Together with Xero, we also recommend Hubdoc to our clients. From March 2020, Hubdoc is becoming free to all Xero users.

Together with Xero, we also recommend Hubdoc to our clients.  From March 2020, Hubdoc is becoming free to all Xero users.

What does Hubdoc do?

watch the video below to show how Hubdoc works.

Think of how much time you could save simply emailing, scanning or capturing your invoices to Hubdoc and leaving the rest of the bookkeeping to us while you focus on getting the sales figure rising.

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Tired of writing off bad debt after bad debt?

Wanting more money in the bank to pay suppliers?

Have you ever considered outsourcing your credit control?

All too often in a business credit control is assigned to an employee and it is their least favourite task. This means that as they are busy on other work or if the office generally gets more busy with phones needing to be answered the credit control drops off at a time when you most need to keep control of your cashflow. Outsourcing your credit control means that whatever else is happening in your business the regular persistent follow up of outstanding debts is continues and the cash keeps flowing in.

Did you know, in 2018, UK SMEs were owed £13bn with late paying trade debtors. This year, it has risen to £23.4bn – up by £10.4bn in less than a year! Averaging this out, this late payment debt burden has increased to £25,000 per company in 2019, up from just over £17,000 in 2018.

By chasing customers for payment through emails and phone calls, we can reduce your trade debtors which in turn reduces the amount of bad debts you have to account for which in turn increases your cash in the bank and reduces your bad debts.

We sit down with our clients to agree exactly how they would like us to conduct their credit control as every business has their own approach. Why not book up a free no-obligation meeting with us today to discuss your unique requirements?

Imagine your trade debtors were reduced by just 5%, how much more money would you have in the bank?”

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